Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My entry for Jhankar 2009-10 poetry writing

Inspiration: Hypnogaja - (Talk to me) Like lovers do

So we were given this topic "Can money buy love" and an hour's time to write our poem. And this is what got me the second place. Only goes on to show that the others really sucked =P 

Can Money Buy Love?

I’m a rich kid with a lot of money

I have a personal bodyguard and three cars

But I sometimes feel strangely funny

When I lie awake watching the stars

For I may have a playstation and the latest game

And all the record labels in the store

Yet I sometimes wish that I could claim

That I have something I want evermore


I dream of lovers holding hands

And kissing gently beneath the sky

Or sharing their tacos at the stands

But that’s something money can’t buy

I dream of gardens and the sea

And two souls oblivious to all that

Whispering sweet nothings softly

Lost in their subliminal chat


I have a fast bike that can fly

But I have no one to share the ride

I have company in laughter but I’m alone when I cry

I wish I had a lover by my side

If I could trade all that I possess

For a humble wish from Above

I’d forget about playthings and fancy dresses

And wish for one true love. 


Lancelot said...

good...but i am just wondering - why it has to be a lover always when it comes to love???

IcE MaiDeN said...

ohh this was really nice!!! i m wondering the same thing as 'Lancelot' * he a knight?! ;)* n also wht the person who got the 1st place wrote... if its one of urs friends then put it here too.. wud love to read..

P.S: i m thinking of dhapping this topic to put on the community..i m sure there will be interestin replies.. hehe..

BloggerMouth said...

@ Lancelot & Ice - thanks and they specified that it has to be this kind of love. I asked them personally.

@ Ice... post the replies on your blog... must be a fun read :)

Lancelot said...

@ Ice Maiden:

Lancelot need not be a knight alone you know- he can be a pirate in the disguise of a lawyer or even a MI6 agent with call sign of double O and seven..

@ blogger mouth

oh seems like too much ulkuthu (internal politics) in giving that specific topic...and out of blog question are u a catering expert??
I know Rassum(the Indian soup)but what is Frassum? French rasamaa? :P :P :P

mayz said...

i wud have given u first prize for that poem :)


Anonymous said...

You truly deserved the accolades. Btw , I loved the first stanza:-)

Anonymous said...

You truly deserve the accolades. I especially loved reading the first stanza:-)

Thoorika said...

the poem is actually cute!!! :) you deserve it.. ! Congrats!!!

Elithraniel Arawion said...

@ swati

u totally rocked jhankaar :) love u...!!!

Manjari Singh said...

that was so nice re

Apurva said...

sex! :D :)) i say sex only when somethin is super dooper cool! i liked it!

BloggerMouth said...

@ Lance - rassum frassum is the way Mr. Mutley, my childhood cartoon entertainer cursed.
@ Mayz - Remind me to kidnap you for the next competition as the judge
@ Chew - Thanks and incidentally, the first stanza is my fav too :)
@ Thoorika - Thanks :D :D
@ Elith - Thanks hon you rocked too! Love ya
@ Manjari - Thanks :) Glad you liked
@ Apurva - That's a sex comment :P Thanks!

Lancelot said...

i see thanks for the info :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Really well know this reminds me of a phase of my own life when I was growing up, with all comforts but very less freedom

Lancelot said...

Please Check my blog - u have been awarded :0

Brosreview said...

If you could polish this furthermore, I could guarantee that this could claim a first place. But, I write so keeping in mind the chances of converting this to a song. So, pardon me.

You see, it has already got a punk/rock n roll kinda beat to it. So, you are already in the zone.

Keep writing!!!

Chriz said...

neenga terror effet kodukureengo. with your writing...

VIDYA said...

Was an Awesome read! :)

and quoting anonymous

"This was Swati's jhankar!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like this. :)
Especially beacuse I have wealthy friends who may not have had the most genuine lover due to the fact that the guy/girl is interested mostly in their money!

BloggerMouth said...

Thanks you guys :)

Mon Espace said...

woah!! good stuff !! blog hopped my way here...brilliant find :D


BloggerMouth said...

@ Mon - merci beaucoup! Glad you liked :)