Saturday, April 11, 2009


I was drunk as a fish when I wrote this. So no you can't laugh too much over this one.

Seething through your veins
A surge of anger passes
Down the memory lanes
Violent, maverick clashes
The darkness overcomes
And you can’t set yourself free
The chains of indifference
Make you blind and you can’t see

Venomous tasteful desires
Creeping through your veins
Light of a thousand pyres
Down your memory lanes
Seeping from the shadows
A discerning twinge of gloom
Hits you deep inside
And takes you to your doom

Now the anger is gone
And fear is here instead
You can’t sleep for too long
You twist and turn in bed
Your mind is now capsized
By the wilderness vile
And your heart is incised
Into pieces fragile

Hold on to your broken soul
Don’t wander too far
Or get sucked into the black hole
And soon you’ll be that dead star