Monday, February 8, 2010

The Creator's Toys.

In an old book, in which the pages are all yellow, the words are all crisp yet distant, I created a snow bowl. Small, white snow flakes keep falling upon a bright little house. If you look closely, you can see a little girl peering out of the window, up at the sky. She wants to know where all the snow is coming from.

I then saw that it was getting too cold inside the world I made, so I put the book away. You see, it only exists when the book is open.

Was interesting to my eyes while it lasted.


Pesto Sauce said...

When you go in again, see if the person in mirror is same or has it changed? If it has changed, is it change for the better

BloggerMouth said...


Gymnast said...

I only wish the real world was such!

Here , if it gets too cold , you just load on the sweaters and bear with it!

ponga said...

This book is life that you lead
this life is the book that is written. if both is one and the same, then won't it be easier for us to see the bigger picture?
but alas, we refuse to read and yet we know
that whatever is, is what is.


BloggerMouth said...

Gymnast - if wishes were horses... :)

Ponga - right you are :) Welcome.

aditya said...

Liked reading it.

I like the manner of your words a lot. Nice meeting you :)

BloggerMouth said...

Thanks :) I enjoy yours too. And likewise

Brosreview said...

Hmm, interesting! I like the sweetness in this piece. I wish the real world was such. Or, perhaps it is. We focus on the negative aspects way too much. Nice write!