Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Iron Maidens

For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of all genres of music and Iron Maiden was one of the first few bands that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to when I found out that I had an ear for metal music. I never really used to enjoy metal at first (and look at me now!) but an accidental hearing of The Land where Dragons Rule by DragonForce thinking it was the ATB song got me addicted. 

Anyway, one day I was doing another of my researches on music bands and a Wikipedia link got me to The Iron Maidens page. The world's only all-female tribute band of Iron Maiden. I wasted no time in listening to their music and I was spellbound. I mean it was simply brilliant. I don't know if I can ever finish talking about how much I loved it. The lead vocalist Aja Kim (Bruce Lee Chickinson) has an amazing voice. She impresses me as a singer, a martial arts champ (yeah she's a black belt -Shotokan) and as a performer. I mean there is a difference when you listen to her sing the song and then listen to Bruce's version but that's only because she is a she. The most amazing person I thought was Wanda Ortiz (Steph Harris). Nobody could have done a better bass and I mean seriously... that woman rocks. If I ever get to see her I will prolly die of the joy and honour. I heard their version of The Trooper. It couldn't get any better. It was the best cover I have ever seen of the song. 

Every member of the band is darn talented and Iron Maiden themselves have praised the band time and again for their perfect rendering of the songs. Enough said. They have a new female lead vocalist coming in now and I can't wait to see who.

I'm an Indian and like all other metalheads here I am thrilled about iron Maiden's concert here next year in Feb... the only thing that could make me happier is an Iron Maidens performance. And as said by various people time and time again, I have nothing more to say than echo what has already been said -you girls rock. 

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