Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today as I sit here having my lunch alone in my room, my thoughts drift back to this same day two years back. I see a terrace and six friends. Standing and talking about everything under the sun.

Suddenly A aimed to hit at B who ducked and C got the shot instead. D,E and F started laughing and E laughed so hard that she started crying. I think about this and I cry. It was beautiful. To always have someone beside you who will not let you feel like you're alone. Solidarity, trust, loyalty... Those were/are the ideals by which we lived and we still do. But then this thing called growing up happened to all of us. And so today we're poles apart but I can tell you... nothing has changed. We have to live where we have to live -- Not close by anymore. We can't spend much telephoning and messaging each other. A) There's no time and B) There's no money. But when we do get to talk to each other... it is one of those things which can not be described... Surreal. To know that the chipmunk that you knew finally got that haircut, the sly fox you felt like beating with a sledgehammer actually said "I miss you sis"... It's just out of the world. Ms. Studious managed time out of her studay (Study day but to her everyday is that so...) and sent me this message : Hey... Sem's going on. Will message you after it's over :)
I swear I could have hugged her. Maybe it's not much but just when you're feeling low there are these faces that you know and these hearts that you've shared so much with say hey you're not alone... It's just the best feeling in the world.

This is one thing among those many other things that MasterCard can't buy. :P

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