Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feminism - NOT male bashing!

Why do people not think for themselves? One day, some women formed a group and stood up on the soapbox and hurled abuses at men. They called themselves feminists.

The media and the people contemptuously dubbed feminism as "evil". Huge error. If I claim to be a doctor and kill someone, will the whole world blame doctors? Doesn't make any sense does it? Why should it be any different for feminism? Today, every time I say I am a feminist, the immediate retort is: "Male basher!". I have some good male company who appreciate that I am a feminist and they know I don't bash them.

If it weren't for early feminists, women wouldn't be writing blogs or going to schools. They would be withheld in the kitchen, forced to draw a veil upon their face and raise kids. Fortunately today some women blog and wear what they want and are not ashamed if they can't cook. Not that they don't face problems.

There is not a single law from which women can seek respite for things like "eve teasing" which is nothing short of sexual harassment. The law states that nobody is allowed to insult the "modesty" of a woman! Ha! How broadminded.

Be it a roadside or public transport. The woman has to put up with so much all the time. Either it's a man ogling at her or it is a man trying to touch her. When the woman retorts, she is looked at strangely. "How can a woman do that in public? Eek!" And that line is coming from personal experience so don't even TRY to refute that statement.

In this society of patriarchy, men have all the power. However, there are some men who suffer too. Why? Because they are not "tough" and "macho" per se. Some men cry, you know. And what do they get told? "Stop crying like you are a girl!". So much for equality. If a guy really WANTS to cook, he gets laughed at. Cooking? Men should be doing engineering, you know! Cooking is a woman's cup of tea. Irony is that half of the time, the women say it themselves. Homosexuals are often looked down upon by straight men. "That is sooo gay!". And the same men watch lesbian porn. Talk about hypocrisy.

Also, some have a notion that women are not "smart enough". Why? They haven't invented many things! Now here I can a) Give you a long list of things that women invented, b) Tell you to be realistic. If you know your history even barely, you will KNOW that women did not have much previously. And all those religious books which have preordained rules for women - I am almost certain that they are made up. Men wrote those books to suit themselves. If it is the word of god then I certainly don't believe in a god who doesn't believe in egalitarianism! Today, boys are dropping out of colleges in the UK because they can't compete with the girls who are getting higher grades. Oh well, so much for the stupid mindset.

For those who think feminism is just a caper, we are not people who are gamboling around over here seeking for attention and frisking away in glory. We have reasons to believe that patriarchy is destructive and that women are oppressed due to it. And until ANY domination is wiped away, we are not going to step down. If feminists fight for women's rights and do not stand ANY kind of abuse or subjugation, unless you are a pervert or an MCP, there should be no trouble at all.

After all, there is more to a woman's life than just "nurturing" and "sacrificing". There is freedom out there. Mere existence is barely life.


joshsutake said...

Loved the Blog, I agree with you 100%

Elithraniel Arawion said...
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Kertz said...

Well, when I first visited your profile I saw you have claimed yourself a feminist. Huh... I thought, another one? But well I've got an explanation here, and believe me, seems like I've come across a real feminist! :)

Bakemono Imo said...

Were you a run of the mill feminist, (Like the ones I encounter usually) this post would have been filled with "Men are Pigs, Men are Shit, Men Should Die, Men are Evil" being repeated over and over again. And then they have the nerve to tell me "Oh but you're okay"
Conclusion? Apparently they perceive me as a Hijra -_-