Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pieces of a puzzle

It is amazing how sometimes your life seems to be so perfect - like someone took the missing pieces of a fabric and sewed it all together. You have a dream, you have love, you have a great family and the most entertaining and compassionate people as friends.

They say life is what you miss when you spend years thinking about what it is. So often, we forget to notice how meaningful everyday occurrences are. A mother's smile when you tell her what a wonderful cook she is. A brother's childish-yet-I'm-so-grown-up look when you speak to him about how precarious the road ahead can be if you have no plans. The look of gratitude in a friend's eyes when you tell them you'll be there... even though they probably wouldn't need you. It is in those little things that you find the true meaning of life. At the end of the day, satisfaction is what matters more than happiness. And what can be more satisfying than hearing from the ones you love the most about how much you mean to them?

So many of us seek adventure in life... Traveling the world, climbing an insurmountable hill, falling free from hundreds of feet above the ground, diving under the oceans to look at all the beauty that is concealed within... No doubt, a person learns a lot about her/himself during these overwhelming journeys. Surely, it helps them discover a part of them that they were either unaware of, or were uncertain of. However, what can be learnt from the details, can be learnt only from the details. There is a broader perspective to almost everything... more than what meets the eye. It is when we notice those that we truly begin to understand our purpose of existence.

When I sat, hands rested on my cheeks, looking out of the window - my mother sat beside me.

"So what is it?", she asked seeming to be very certain that something was amiss.

"Nothing maa. Just... looking at the birds.", I said convincingly. But she was my mother and she didn't buy that.

"Ah. Yeah lovely birds... black bodies and grey necks... how wonderfully they sing... caw, caw, cawcaw..."

I laughed and put an arm around the woman who is my best friend, my angel, my savior and my teacher. She can sweeten the sourness in my mood anytime.

"Very funny maa. You got me though, It's him. AND I know what you're going to say... I've been with guys before, I've thought I was in love and then turned out I wasn't ya da ya da ya da."

"Yes, that is what I would have said usually. But not this time. This time it's different I can tell."

I blinked. Say what? This was my mum right? 5'3, fair and nice black hair? Yep. Seemed so. She was smiling at me sensing the mild shock I was in and then she said - "Swati, when you're in love and when you're so far away from each other, things can be a little crooked. But if you can feel him when he says I love you and if his words make you happy and one look at him makes your heart sing, you should let go of the hard feelings you have. The essence of anything is in its details."

What can I say? I love my mother, I love the man I love and I love my life. Of course, very shortly you will read a blog post about how things can never go right for me and about how much life sucks, but hey... we're looking at the broader picture here... wait I mean the finer details... Agh! You get the point!

When life gives you lemons, collect them and then hurl them as forcefully at you can at all your problems and say "Problem ke bache tera mu kaala!"


Brosreview said...

Ah! I took some time to spot the "Post a comment" link.

Mothers, hey? Their words create magic! Nice post!

PS: Beautiful template!

BloggerMouth said...

Thanks for your time :) Glad you liked my new refurbished home!

Govind Paliath said...

Nice post!Good to see things are fallin in place for ya!:)

And super neat template!!:D

BloggerMouth said...

Hey look who's here :D Thanks for stoppin by Govind :)

:: Pearly :: said...
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:: Pearly :: said...

Good for you girl.. 'm happy for ya! :)
been busy kya?

- Anu

Aw.S.M said...

Hey thats real sweet..really!! It just brings a smile to ones face..not the funny smile but the proper one..this one :-)

And ur mom is so damn sweet yaar..she is so supportive..lucky u...oh my moms the same so lucky me too :)

So yeah keep looking at the broader picture..i mean finer details..u know what i mean :D


BloggerMouth said...

@Anu - Yeah work can do that to you :)

@Amith - Thanks mate :) Moms are aweet aren't they? Glad I made you smile!

Anonymous said...

My mom's being AS supportive of my guy and she's hated ALL my previous boyfriends so yeah, I know what you mean :)

BloggerMouth said...

Glad you could relate, Qi :)

Pesto Sauce said...

May you find love of your life...

And collect those does get sour at times

BloggerMouth said...

Pesto, I already have him :D and I already have a horde of lemons stashed but apparently, when I am determined to be happy, problems don't come to me!